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Harry Kane: My value is’nt the number of goals

In a recent statement, Harry Kane admitted he was annoyed that the media only rated his contribution to Tottenham by scoring goals.

The British striker was rated best at the current time has said:”There were times when I could not score, and critics started to appear, but I believed I was still playing well, and quite satisfied with what I showed.”

“I have contributed good player’s style and helped to connect many players in the match, that made me not be eliminated. Then, when I scored, even it’s worse than before, but because , I had goals, no criticism anymore. And people think I’m a good striker. ”

“In football, Everyone often evaluate players by scoring goals, it is unfair. Unfortunately, that is part of this sport. ”

In this season 2017, Kane has been criticized in the August issue because he didn’t scored. But then, Kane has made the media to ‘mute’ with 13 goals for Tottenham, up to this point.



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