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Man United: Forget to fail, It’s time to com back

Man United have been left by Manchester City with a gap of eight points. This is a testament to the failure of Mourinho and the students since the beginning of the season. It was time for Man United to come back.

Mourinho’s defeat

In the past, the Portuguese have always won the national championship for their second-season club, Porto, Inter, Real and two terms with Chelsea.

However, in football, never say anything. Pep Guardiola, seemingly dead in the Premier League after the first season failed, now Man city was stronger and made Man United to be careful.

Pep Guardiola’s ambition is  “attack and attack”. He did so and succeeded brilliantly. In contrast, Mourinho has lost completely in the confrontation with colleagues since the beginning of the season.

Mourinho still struggling between “attack and defense”. As a result, Man United away from Man City, separated by 8 points.

‘Jumps’ to return

No Red Devils fans want to see the current situation of the club. Mourinho’s team has no way back, and the next few games, he is forced to follow the guideline of Pep Guardiola: attack, attack and victory.

Luckily for United, from this round, they will welcome the return of three important pillar: Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo.

Among these people, Pogba will certainly be the name that will bring great change for the Reds.

“You can see the obvious difference of the Utd this season before and after Paul’s injury.The quality and approach of Man Utd matches with and without Paul are very different. It’s just that, ” Mourinho admitted at a recent press conference.

Ander Herrera, Marouane Fellaini was used when Pogba injured. But the both were not good than the French midfielder about “attack”. The lack of Pogba, the spectators rarely saw the strong offensive pitch from the center of the United. Instead, they often had to push the ball to the edge of the winger, a player’s style made opponents guess easily.

After all, the failure is failure, this is the moment Man United to look forward to the future with the idea “attack and victory”. Did not Mourinho?

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