Champions League

Win the Champions League 2017, Tottenham will be rewarded

If crowned winners in the UEFA Champions League, Tottenham will be receive a rich reward , as promised by Levy chairman.

In particular, The Times revealed that the Tottenham players will receive £ 2 milion when they pass the group stage. Meanwhile, if crowned winners in the Champions League, the team will equally divided the bonus up to 7.5 million pounds.

Currently, Tottenham is the most generous English club about award terms in the European Championship. In fact, the club would spend £ 350,000 for members of team if Tottenham reached that milestone (more than a month’s salary for some).

But, again, since the Champions League was born, Tottenham never reached the semifinals, not to mention the throne.

A cheerful signal for Tottenham’s fan  is Mauricio Pochettino’s team is no longer “an apprentice” in the European arena. With a 3-1 win over Real Madrid, the White Hart Lane team had their ticket to the next round of 16 teams. Even more likely to end with the top spot (note, this is “the death table”).

This weekend, Tottenham just met Crystal Palace – team at the end of the table. This is an unlikely opportunity to narrow the gap of eight points between Tottenham and  Man City in the domestic league.\

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